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Rumor of Samsung Foldable Tablet

Samsung To Launch a Foldable Tablet Next Year?

Flexible displays are quickly becoming quite a fad.  Recently the TV industry had numerous new models featuring curved displays to making viewing better from any angle.  Now displays have become thin enough to make on flexible materials and not only create curved screens, but flexible screens.

Samsung attempted to release a flexible phone display – The Galaxy Round – however, it did not live up to expectations or exactly fly off the shelves.  A Korean publication, the Duam, recently had an article about Samsung working on a new promising flexible display.  This article was picked up and reported by Android Authority.

Android Authority went further and researched various Samsung patents.  According to patents held by Samsung (currently, they could always purchase others), a flexible display would have three separate panels that could be folded outward for a full size tablet or folded one on top of the other.  The display, once fully extended, would make a mid-sized tablet in the 8″ to 9″ range.

Though all is conjecture and rumor, it appears Samsung is intent on delivering a flexible table in 2015.


Flexible Smartphone / Tablet Concept

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