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Samsung Galaxy 101 Mount – Tablet Caddy



A Versatile Samsung Galaxy 101 Mount

Introducing the Tablet Caddy!!!

This versatile tool acts as a:

  • Stand
  • Mount
  • Clip
  • Holder
  • Bracket
  • Strap
  • and more!

Mount your Samsung Galaxy 101 to a Tripod in seconds.  Fully adjustable. Spring loaded fingers securely clamp around your Galaxy. Works with or without protective cases.  The Tablet Caddy mount will also clamp your Galaxy to Counters, Desk, or Airplane tray tables.  The Tablet Caddy also works as a stand, holder, or can be strapped to headrests, microphone stands and more.  The Tablet Caddy is MADE IN THE USA!

Ipad Stand Made in the USA


Compatible with:

  • Otterbox Defender
  • Griffin Survivor
  • Lifeproof
  • …and many more.


  • Tripod mount – with spring loaded arms that grip your Samsung Galaxy 101.
  • Goose-neck – for mounting your Samsung Galaxy 101 to a tripod.
  • Clamp – for mounting a Samsung Galaxy 101 to tables, desk, tray tables, etc.
  • Strap


  • Mount does not cover camera.
  • Brass Threaded inserts. (Won’t strip out)
  • Flexible goose neck allow almost infinite adjust-ability for easy viewing.
  • Goose neck can be used as a handle.
  • Free Clamp – Clamping range 5/8 to 1 ¾ inch.  (For-Tables, Desk, Counters, Airplane tray tables etc..)
  • Can be used as a holder or free stand.
  • Included strap can attach your Tablet Caddy and Galaxy to a headrest, pole, and more.

 Instructions for using the Tablet Caddy.


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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