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iPad Air 2 Details Leaked, Plus Release Date

iPad Air 2 Details Released

Apple has been reported to be actively producing the iPad Air 2…or at least components of it.  Rumors from Korean sources and news outlets claim the resolution will still be 2048 X 1536 with a density of 264 pixels per inch.  However, an improved A8 processor.  The new A8 should help with battery performance and make overall usage more efficient as well as quicker.

The back camera will get a bump from 5MP to 8MP so that it will match the camera abilities of current iPhones.  The front camera will also get a boost from 1.2MP to 1.5MP.

iPad Air 2 Release Date Updated

The displays are actively being produced according to sources and the processors and camera components are slated to start rolling off the assembly lines in July.

This puts an expected launch by Apple sometime this fall alongside a third-generation iPad mini that will likely feature similar incremental upgrades.

iPad Air 2 concept

Meanwhile, Original iPad Air Keeps Winning Awards

The iPad Air is the first tablet ever to gain a five star rating on Tech Radar and was named best tablet of 2014.  Impressive design coupled with a thinner, lighter chassis makes for a premium and quite frankly, beautiful tablet, and Apple’s powerful A7 and M7 chips under the hood means it chews through even the toughest tasks in next to no time.

If the original Air is winning best tablet of 2014, we are pretty sure this bodes well for Air 2.  As long as it improves on the first model, it should easily remain on top of tablet rankings until some other technology or feature disrupts it.


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